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Instantaneously distinguished itself by combining italian classic designs and material with the unique of restructured innovative style that was able to blend perfectly different trends and textures from Japan, American and most of all Italian Fashion.
Everything began by taking its inspiration from the famous Star, symbol of the trendy neighborhood, but most of all the symbol that today identifies Macchia J.
After a few years, the company was transferred to Italy by the Designer and Co-Founder Matteo Macchiavelli, and by 2008 inspired by the desire to create a “Total Look” Collection, the mood and image of Macchia J. totally changed.
Originally born only as a Men’s Collection but thanks to the success this last had in the years, in 2012 Women’s Collection was introduced to the market by the same unique textures and techniques that brought Men’s collection to success.
The importance of quality, textures, original fabrics, innovative design and attention to details brought the Brand another step further, becoming a full, wide-range and quality clothing line.

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